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Shingle Oak (Quercus imbricaria)

Quercus imbricaria, the shingle oak, is a deciduous tree in the red oak group. It is native primarily to the Midwestern and Upper South regions of North America, from southern New York west to northern Illinois and eastern Kansas, and south to central Alabama and Arkansas. It is most commonly found growing in uplands with good drainage, less often along lowland streams. is a medium-sized tree growing to 67 feet tall, with a trunk up to 40 inches in diameter. It is distinguished from most other oaks by its leaves, which are shaped like laurel leaves, 4-10 inches long and 0.3-3.0 inches broad with an untoothed margin; they are bright green above, paler and somewhat downy beneath. The shingle oak’s acorns are 0.3-0.7 inches long and wide with a shallow cup; they are mature about 18 months after pollination, and are an important food for squirrels and some birds.     

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