4666 Princeton Rd.Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica)Cryptomeria japonica, known as the Japanese cedar or Japanese redwood, is native to Japan, where it is known as Sugi, which translates to "hair tree," derived from the tree's needle-like leaves. Cryptomeria japonica is a very large evergreen tree, reaching up to 230 feet tall and 13 feet trunk diameter, with red-brown bark which peels in vertical strips.  Cryptomeria japonica timber is extremely fragrant, weather and insect resistant, soft, and has a low density. It is

4741 Princeton Rd.Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana)Juniperus virginiana, known as eastern red cedar, is an evergreen, aromatic tree with trunk often angled and buttressed at base and narrow, compact, columnar crown; sometimes becoming broad and irregular. Pyramidal when young, Eastern red cedar mature form is quite variable. This evergreen usually grows 30-40 ft. but can reach 90 ft. Fragrant, scale-like foliage can be coarse or fine-cut, and varies in color from gray-green to blue-green to light- or dark-green. All colors

232 N. Perkins Rd.Common China-fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata)Cunninghamia lanceolata is a species of evergreen coniferous tree in the cypress family. It is native to south-central and southeast China. They may reach 160 feet in height. In vernacular use, it is sometimes called China-fir, although it is not a fir. The genus name, Cunninghamia, honors Dr. James Cunningham, a British doctor who introduced this species into cultivation in 1702 and botanist Allan Cunningham. The general shape of the tree is conical with

221 N. Mendenhall Rd.American Holly (Ilex opaca)Ilex opaca, the American holly, is a species of holly, native to the eastern and south-central United States, from coastal Massachusetts south to central Florida, and west to southeastern Missouri and eastern Texas. It is a medium-sized broadleaved evergreen tree growing on average to 33-66 feet tall, and up to 98 feet tall. Typically, its trunk diamter reaches 20 inches, sometimes up to 47 inches. The American holly features leathery leaves that are 2-4

4724 Johnson Ave.Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)Magnolia grandiflora, commonly known as the southern magnolia, is a tree of the family Magnoliaeseae, native to the southeastern United States, from southeastern North Carolina to central Florida, and west to East Texas. Reaching 90 feet in height, it is a large, striking evergreen tree, with large dark green leaves up to 7.75 inches long and 4.75 inches wide. Large, creamy white and very fragrant flowers grace this magnificent tree in late spring and early

4683 Princeton Rd.Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda)Pinus taeda, commonly known as loblolly pine, is one of several pines native to the Southeastern United States. The wood industry classifies the species as a southern yellow pine. Loblolly pine is the second-most common species of tree in the United States, after red maple. Loblolly pine can reach a height of 98 to 115 feet with a diameter of 1.3 to 4.9 feet. The common name loblolly is given because the pine species is found

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