Neighborhood Watch Meeting Recap

June 27, 2024

About 50 Avon Woods neighbors were joined by five representatives from Memphis Police Department for our Neighborhood Watch meeting on Thursday, June 27. Following are meeting notes and a few of the resources that were shared:

Property Fraud Alert Program

Neighborhood Watch lead Mary K. Allen kicked off the meeting with a discussion of the Shelby County Register of Deeds’ Property Fraud Alert Program. Home title fraud occurs when someone obtains the title of your property, typically by stealing your identity to change ownership on your property title from your name to theirs. They can then secure loans using your home’s equity as collateral. With property and mortgage fraud among the fastest growing crimes in the U.S., the Shelby County Register of Deeds now offers a registry that will immediately notify you if a document is filed under your name or your business so that you can take action to stop fraudulent activity. Sign up online at

Neighborhood Watch Block Captains

Mary K and Jay Perdue discussed the role of Block Captains and introduced the 12 Block Captains who have volunteered to be the point person for their surrounding areas. Block Captains simply agree to share contact information with their immediate neighbors, create a text messaging group, and notify that group if there is any criminal or suspicious activity — after reporting to police first, if necessary. In turn, the Block Captain notifies the other Avon Woods Block Captains via group text in order to make them aware. Block Captains can then determine whether the event reported in another area of the neighborhood merits them notifying their Block to make them aware as well.

The 12 current Block Captains were named, and their locations shown on a Google map (accessible only to those with the direct link and not viewable by the general public). The map (depicted below) shows the areas that are covered by Block Captains, as well as the gaps where additional Block Captains are needed.

At the conclusion of the meeting, two new Block Captains volunteered and have now been added to the map for a total of 14 Block Captains.

If you see a gap near you and would like to volunteer to be a Block Captain, or if you need to be assigned to the Block Captain nearest you, please contact Mary K. Allen.

Google Map of Avon Woods neighborhood showing location of 14 block captains
Neighborhood Website and Communications

Jay shared our neighborhood website — — for anyone still unaware of this central hub for our neighborhood communications, and encouraged neighbors to sign up for email notifications, which include news of Neighborhood Watch meetings as well as social gatherings such as the upcoming Fourth of July Parade & Picnic, our monthly Food Truck Socials, and our annual Fall Picnic in October.

Memphis Police Department

Officer Nigel Payne of the MPD Crisis Intervention Program and Interim Neighborhood Watch Manager, introduced Colonel Chris Moffatt, chief commander of the Appling Farms Station (the precinct that includes Avon Woods); MPD Neighborhood Watch Program Manager Danielle Boothe; Officer Dames, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator for the Tillman Precinct, and Officer Dewitt, who is new to the Appling Farms Precinct. Officer Payne presented an overview of the Appling Farms Precinct, a look at recent crime events in our area, and led a discussion of our area’s most common crimes — vehicle burglary and auto theft.

MPD Neighborhood Watch Program

Officer Payne then introduced MPD Neighborhood Watch Program Manager Danielle Boothe, who described her role to the group, a key part of which is helping groups like ours get organized and guiding us through the process of applying for a $2,500 Neighborhood Watch grant to fund neighborhood safety efforts.

Other Valuable Information

A number of valuable resources were shared by MPD and can be found on a dedicated Neighborhood Resources page.

Special Thanks

In addition to our immense gratitude to the MPD and Appling Farms Station for lending not one, not two, but FIVE police officers for this meeting, we would like to extend sincere thanks to our neighbor Bob Hicks and Independent Presbyterian Church for hosting our June meeting.

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