Neighborhood Resources

Neighborhood Resources

Emergency or Non-Emergency Assistance

Emergency Police or Medical Assistance — 911 (also able to send text messages to 911)

Non-Emergency Police Assistance — 454-COPS (454-2677)

Appling Farms Station

6850 Appling Farms Pkwy.


MPD Vacation Watch

Going on vacation? Let MPD know by calling 454-COPS, and they will offer some helpful tips and add your home to their officers’ patrol while you are away.

Citizen’s Police Academy

An exceptional way to gain a better understanding of the city police department is through the Citizen’s Police Academy, a nine-week course, held one day a week, three hours each week, at the police station. Participants are eligible to participate in a ride-along with a police officer to gain first-hand knowledge of a police officer’s tour of duty.

Connect2Memphis Cam Registration

If you have an exterior security camera at your home, one way to help police fight crime in your neighborhood is to register your camera with the MPD at, a safety program that makes it easier for police to track down video evidence after a crime occurs. Registering your camera does not allow MPD access to your live video stream; it only informs investigators where there is camera present so they can more easily request video evidence should an incident occur in your area.

Partnership Joint Agency

Another way to get more closely connected is by attending the Partnership Joint Agency, a meeting at 3:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at the Appling Farms Station, with representatives from not only MPD, but Memphis Code Enforcement, Shelby County Code Enforcement, and the Shelby County Sheriff Department. This monthly town hall-style meeting with community residents helps connect dots to address crime and code infractions.

Streetlight Outage

To report a streetlight outage, you will need to provide: (1) the location and type of streetlight, (2) the type of problem, and (3) your name and contact information. You can report a streetlight outage here, or alternatively you may call 901-544-6549 to report a streetlight outage or to check on the status of a previously reported streetlight outage.

Other Important City Government Numbers

  • Animal Shelter 901-362-5310

  • Auto Inspection 901-528-2904

  • Board of Education 901-325-5300

  • Memphis City Council 901-636-6786

  • Code Enforcement 901-636-7380

  • Drain Maintenance 901-357-0100

  • Drug Hotline 901-525-DOPE (3673)

  • Emergency Management Agency 901-515-2525

  • Mayor’s Citizen Service Center 901-636-6500

  • Memphis City Court Clerk 901-545-5400

  • Memphis Mayor’s Office 901-636-6000

  • Metro Alarm Office 901-636-6380

  • Memphis City Beautiful Commission 901-522-1135

  • Memphis Light, Gas & Water 901-544-MLGW (6549)

  • Office of Social Services 901-636-6503

  • Park Services 901-636-4231

  • Permits Office 901-636-6736

  • Potholes Repair 901-528-2911

  • Recycling Center 901-576-6876

  • Sewage/Environmental Maintenance 901-529-8025

  • Solid Waste Management 901-636-6851

  • Weeds/Ground Maintenance 901-636-6326


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